Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Donald Trump Politics and Mormon Belief

Any Mormons watching the Donald Trump campaign trail should see somewhat "eye to eye" {Isaiah 52:8} with his politics and stances. The December 15th debate hosted by CNN (very poorly again, I must say. It appears they are intent on "stirr[ing] them up to anger" {Alma 48:1-4} as was seen in the hilarious duels between Trump vs Bush and Trump vs Paul, for example) highlighted once more the politics of Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump comes across as a strong dictator figure who knows what he wants, will stop at nothing to get it, and will let no-one stand in his way. At the same time, he speaks the truth and has no time for trifling with words {see D&C 32:5}.

But wait a minute, can't Mormons relate to this sort of dictatorship style of leadership? Doesn't Mormon theology state very similar things about Jesus Christ?

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is an event that Mormons look forward to and enjoy speculating on, yet have no specific date as to when it will happen. And what is it really all about? It's a political event ushering in communism. It's about Jesus coming to demolish all earthly governments and set up his own government with himself as the dictator, with no elections and no change in leader!

As early as the Old Testament we read that "the government shall be upon his shoulder," {Isaiah 9:6} emphasising his potential leadership on earth. While of course, this would refer to his kingdom, or church, it worried the leaders of government enough in his mortal days that Herod ordered all infants below 2 years old to be slaughtered, in an effort to protect his own leadership.

Obviously, if Donald Trump were to be sworn into office next November, he would have a maximum 8 years to serve before he would be obligated to step down.

Mr. Trump's two main stances are to build a wall to separate USA from Mexico, and to block the immigration of Muslims for a period. The building of the wall, as Mr. Trump explains, is to keep illegals from entering the country, amongst whom are drug abusers, dealers, rapists and murderers. The prevention of Muslims entering the U.S. would be enforced under Mr. Trump to stop possible ISIS infiltration into the country. Both sound like decent ideas; both would be very difficult to implement. This is not too dissimilar from Mormon belief where the Book of Mormon states that we should "come ye out from the wicked, and be ye separate, and touch not their unclean things..." {Alma 5:57} Exactly who the 'wicked' are, in both the Book of Mormon explanation and Mr. Trump's plans, can be difficult to decipher. Yet both have this idea of 'separation' from perceived wickedness.

Mormon theology condones and promotes a dictatorship that is ideally led by "just men to be your kings" {Mosiah 23:8}. It is also very clear on the future government of the earth which will be led by Jesus:

"...every ear shall hear it, and every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, while they hear the sound of the trump, saying: Fear God, and give glory to him who sitteth upon the throne, forever and ever; for the hour of his judgement is come." {D&C 88:104}

So Jesus will be the government leader forever without being elected to the position, will be feared, or revered, by all, and will enact laws without approval from anyone else. 

In conclusion, Jesus will separate the wicked from his people AKA he will only allow a certain group of people to be under his government while other groups will be excluded. Sound similar to Mr. Trump's planned policies? Building a big wall, temporarily blocking Muslim immigration?

And before anyone cries 'blasphemy,' I am in no way comparing Donald Trump to Jesus Christ; just demonstrating the similarities in governmental leadership styles and policies, which should be of great interest to Mormons.


  1. For once I agree totally with you Duncan, Christian/Mormon theology all leads to a form of tyrannical elitism with Jesus at the head of a dictatorship and everyone else (the church of the devil as it is ironically euphemistically misnomered since it will include atheists like myself and pagans who don't believe in the devil)
    In such a world were would muslims stand?
    They believe in and revere Jesus, but they don't do it quite right apparently.
    Why would God grant freewill to people and an inherent love of freedom, only to then say "Guess what that was a joke, you don't need freedom you have me, or at least my son who some of you believe is me anyway, to wisely rule over you, whether you like it or not!"
    Seems a bit in consistent.
    What about the rapture?
    Mormons don't believe in it, but many Christians do, so either way a lot of people are going to be annoyed that it did or did not happen (there is Biblical precedent for both views)
    Parusia? is the second coming of Christ tied up with the end of the world or not?
    A thousand years is a pretty slow armageddon, seven years seems to be pushing it, frankly the whole business if and when it ever happens is going to destroy the faith of a lot of devoted followers, of one denomination or another who apparently didn't get it quite right.

    Finally of course there is the question of when is it going to happen, Jesus said no one will ever know, but he made it pretty cleat it was not going to be long, within "this generation" he said, but we're all still waiting some 2000 years later.

    For a man who preached such left wing liberal philosophies of love, sharing and good will, this whole business seems to smack as you say of extreme right wing Trumpisms.

    1. It is a very rare occurence, Henry, to be in agreement with you, so I'm going to savour it while it lasts!

      How exactly everyone will fit in to the Second Coming of Christ I have no idea. It is both and intriguing and at the same time tedious point of doctrine.

      As we both agree, the similarities with Trumpism is startling!


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