Saturday, 16 April 2016

No Problem

This is one post in an A-Z series of 26 where I am writing about living as a Mormon in the wilderness of Kuantan

No problem believing in Jesus and His power.

I have no problem believing in Jesus. All Christians readily believe that Jesus died and that by some unknown and quite remarkable, even astonishing power, he brought himself back to life from the dead. That is freely accepted without any doubt as an integral part of the atonement.

An artist's image of the resurrected Jesus emerging from his tomb

With that in mind, Christians readily accept that Jesus is thus now alive.

In the same record accepted as fact that Jesus, by some magnificent power was restored to life, we also read this resurrected Lord re-visited the earth and showed himself to various people.

Artwork displaying the account of the resurrected Jesus showing himself to his apostles

If these sensational events are widely and wholly accepted within Christendom, then how can we possibly attempt to limit Jesus and his marvellous power in these days?

We believe from the Holy Bible that he overcame death, lives now, and has the ability to appear on earth as an immortal being.

There is a resistance within Christianity, ironically against what we all believe about the Biblical Jesus - that he overcame death, lives today, and has the ability to appear on earth as an immortal being. Some believe all these things about Jesus yet dismiss them when they occur again.

I have no problem believing that Jesus appeared on the earth in 1820 to Joseph Smith as a living immortal being. I believe it because it is entirely consistent with the Biblical record of the abilities of Jesus the Christ and is within the realm of his possibilities. 

We know he has this power and we as Christians await with certainty for his arrival on the earth at a future time in an event we term the 'Second Coming.'

I wonder if the doubters of Jesus' power manifested in 1820 likewise doubt his most astonishing display of power - his resurrection - as recorded in the Holy Bible around AD34? For me, it is no problem. With an open mind, many simple yet compelling mysteries can be opened to our view.

No problem believing in Jesus and His power.

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