Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Power of God - A study

This is one post in an A-Z series of 26 where I am writing about living as a Mormon in the wilderness of Kuantan

Have you ever read the Pearl of Great Price and felt totally inspired afterwards? I experienced such feelings as I made my way through this translation of the writings of Abraham and Moses, in particular Abraham chapter 3.

This chapter is a great lesson on astronomy provided by the Master Astronomer Himself, to the Prophet Abraham.

Here I learned of the great governing star in the heavens, named Kolob, because it is the closest to God's residence. It is set to govern all other planets like and including our very own planet Earth. Each planet and star has its own times of reckonings and revolutions, Kolob taking 1,000 earth years to rotate on its axis. Hence comes the saying in Mormonism that one day is a thousand years to God.

The Lord then teaches Abraham that where two things exist and one is greater than the other, there shall be something above them even greater. At this point I was beginning to sense the never-ending nature of God's creations.

Abraham was taught and tutored by the greatest of all scientists, astronomers, physicists - the Lord God, Creator of heaven and earth and all things. In today's world, there are many noble scientists and astronomers who are beginning to see further and further into space, exploring galaxies that were never even known to have existed a few decades ago.

Yet the human eye and telescope has limited powers. We can only see so far. Yet Abraham, according to the record, was shown all things by the Lord, even until Kolob. The works of God's hands were multiplying before his eyes that he could not see the end thereof.

This is true power, infinitely stronger than that which any human can muster. The light which fills the immensity of space, which penetrates all things from the bosom of God, is what true power is all about. It is the power of righteousness and glory, intelligence and immortality.

How can humans undermine the power of God? We hear of the popular lament that God was not around to save a loved one from dying. If He was so powerful he would show Himself unto us. 

Yet when I reflected on the writings of Abraham, I had no doubt that somewhere out there, uncountable light years away in the immensity of space, our grand Father is sitting upon his throne, watching over us, seeing all things past, present and future as if they are continually present before Him, showing forth His power day and night through the sun, the moon and the stars. They are signs of His light and power, that He is there, and that He cares deeply about our progress back to Him.

I found myself staring out of the window into the blue skies shortly after finishing this chapter with a silent offering of gratitude for this great knowledge that I had gained. I felt very close to God at this moment than I had for a long time.

Just me and God.

My mind in that moment of quiet sacred struggle and earnest willing contemplation was urging itself to believe. I allowed it.

Soon after, I read the words of the Mormon hymn, If You Could Hie to Kolob which gave me yet deeper insights and left strong impressions upon my mind. I began to see the eternal picture and the grand scheme of things.

One of the mysteries of godliness had been unfolded to my mind.

What is your idea of eternity? How do you recognise the power of God in your life? Do you allow yourself to believe in the things of God?

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