Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Living away from the church community

After a recent visit from President Boyd and his family, who joined us for our simple church service, I have been reflecting on both the difficulties and blessings of living away from the church fellowship.

Pres. Boyd and his family of 7 left KL around 6am while we were still asleep. They drove the 3-4 hours to Kuantan with children ranging from 3-16 years old. They even found our house without having to call for directions! They brought food and together with our chicken curry, we had quite a feast after our meeting. Their son made the most delightful pumpkin pie I have ever tasted! We really need to get together again sometime soon!

But they also brought fellowship and the opportunity to be in the company of people who possess the same beliefs and standards as us. After living for months on end away from communion with church friends, times like this are priceless to us. 

Thanks to the good and thoughtful people including the Boyds who have visited us over the years, we have renewed motivation to continue in the faith and to hold Sunday meetings for just the four of us in our family which are normally so difficult and challenging to do.

Have a look at this recent video diary where I addressed these thoughts:

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